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Tristan works primarily with Myofascial Release, shifting slowly and intentionally letting the body diffuse into the deep tissue experience. Inspired by craniosacral and meditation, every session is tailored to the client’s needs with open communication creating a safe and comfortable environment. Tristan’s young life was centered around dance and movement arts, because of this he has a unique relationship and understanding of the body and how we move through life. He enjoys Capoeria for the perspective it gives for the WHOLE body experience - motion, no matter how little, is necessary for the human body and mind to flourish.

Available: Mon / Wed / Sat
(Mornings & Afternoon )




Creating space for your mind, body, and soul, Angela integrates a blend of intuitive touch and therapeutic massage.  Inspired by working with Craniosacral Therapy, she also incorporates Myofascial Release and Swedish Massage - harmonizing in alignment with the nervous system to provide a deep, relaxing whole body experience. Her warm presence allows for a calm and nurturing atmosphere. She invites all walks of life into the treatment room and encourages ongoing practice of self care and personal wellness. 

Outside of the healing arts, Angela enjoys spending time in nature, in meditation, yoga, playing music and spending quality time with family and friends. 

Available: Wed / Sat




Shandra’s work is rooted in an explorative Swedish style. Her practice moves with intuition, by letting the client’s body lead the way. Her touch is steady, with long intentional strokes. Shandra aims to treat the entire BEING as a whole.  During a session she gently drops the client into a parasympathetic state in order to create shifts in the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body. As a therapist, she is anchored and attentive, thus creating a deeply nourishing experience.

Available: Mon - Tues
(Mornings-Early Afternoon)




Taylor utilizes a variety of massage modalities into her sessions. Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue & Lomilomi Massage, she also incorporates movement and mobilization of the body. Each session is modified to the client’s individual needs. With emphasis on the relaxation of the Nervous System in conjunction with the physical body, Taylor allows you to relax into the experience of receiving. Her work is fluid, integrative, intuitive and firm-pressured while her presence is sensitive & grounded. 
Taylor is from the Northeast but has been living on the West Coast for the last 3 years. She enjoys art, philosophy, books, hiking & snowboarding. She also has a background in Yoga & Reiki. 

Available: Tues - Fri 
(Afternoons - Evenings)




Sara begins each session with intuitive, mindful listening in order to cultivate a tailor made experience as unique as each of us are as individuals. Since we are complex multifaceted beings, we can manifest pain and discomfort on many different layers within our bodies. With a soft touch and deep intention, Sara navigates through one's pain patterns with compassion and precision. Using skills rooted in the Taoist approach to meridian massage, combined with therapeutic soft tissue techniques, and parasympathetic relaxation, she supports the well being of a person to find harmony in Body, Mind, and Spirit.  

Available: Tues / Thurs 
(Morning - Early Afternoon)

Kelly Gaudin_edited.jpg



Kelly believes consistent self-care is essential to creating and maintaining optimal health and well-being—with bodywork as an integral component. Kelly’s calming and focused presence supports client confidence, relaxation, and healing. She is skilled in Swedish massage, myofascial release, reflexology, hydrotherapy, and pregnancy massage. Clients favor her full-body wellness massage, which invites deep calm and nervous system rebalancing. Her beloved daughter, meaningful human relationships, and helping others are among the blessings Kelly counts.

Available: Tues / Weds / Thurs

(Afternoon - Later Evenings)




Raven grew up in the bodywork community, and the art of massage has always come naturally to her. While creating a rhythm and flow for a relaxing yet therapeutic experience, she prioritizes her client's desires while responding to what presents itself in the moment. Migrating toward a therapeutic approach Raven implements client stretching and movement, connective tissue release, deep-tissue work, and Swedish Massage techniques. In her free time, Raven enjoys oil painting; spending time with her horse and friends; fitness; and being in nature. 

Available: Mondays

(Late Morning - Afternoon)




Moira offers a balanced therapeutic session that encourages the body to flow through the techniques of Myofascial release, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. She honors the healing relationship, providing deep listening, attuning to the comfort and care of each client. Moira has a passion for learning, exploring the mind body connection and the rejuvenation of nature. 

Available: Fri/Sat

(Late morning - Afternoon)




Susan holds space for each client with a skilled, soothing and intuitive approach, providing deep relaxation. Always a student of the body, her mixture of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and MyoFascial Release is informed by her curiosity in continued education. Susan’s specialty is Foot Reflexology, which she believes is a holistic pathway to healing the body.

Available: Wednesdays

(Early Evening)

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